Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    


TOP PAGEANT TRAINER IN CALIFORNIA - Looking for a pageant coach for any contestants competing in California.

Giselle Boone Top Pageant Coaching
Miss Kansas USA 2019 Alyssa Klinzing
Kourtney Kellar 3rd Runner Up at Miss California USA 2019
Sarosh Syed 3rd Runner Up at Miss California Teen USA 2019
Interview Pageant Coaching "Winner of Top Interview" at Miss California Teen USA 2013
Miss California Teen USA 2017, Jaanu Patel

Winner of Miss Earth 2014 First Runner Up, Andrea Neu, * Winner of Miss Model of the World 2015, Shelynne Hoyt
Winner of Miss Maryland Teen USA 2015, Taylor Dawson, * 
Winner Top Model NAM 2014, Kalista Zubiate,
Winner of Miss California Teen USA 2012, Alexa Jones

Welcome to Pageant Coach in Orange County CA and in the USA
We offer a complete and exclusive winning pageant training and preparations for your competition. Our techniques have been proven to be the winning combinations and will either improve your pageant skills or take  you to the top. For us, when you improve your techniques in part or all areas of pageantry, that is winning! But most of all, you will be trained in a fun and exciting way. Many of our students have either placed or won their pageant competition but again, improving your techniques will require practice and dedication. The pageant techniques that you will be learning is not only for pageantry but can be used in life as life-skills. 

Our exclusive winning pageant techniques will include interview, different pageant walk styles/techniques in swimsuit, evening gown, sportswear, runway modeling walks, stage performance, facial expressions, body movements, hair and makeup, wardrobe selections and styling, personal introduction, resume builder, speech and much more. We will cater to your style of competition. Our vast knowledge on each and every pageant competition will help you find that perfect look and skills necessary to fit the style of the particular competition that you are preparing for. We take a strong pride in our clients and their successes and hope that you join our training program and become one of "Giselle's Winning Girls!"

Private one-to-one pageant coaching, group pageant coaching, skype & facetime pageant coaching
We are located in an exclusive and beautiful location in Newport Beach, 10 minutes to the beach and 20 minutes from Disneyland Anaheim. We offer in-person private pageant coaching, group lesson pageant coaching and for those who are far and miles away or from another state, we offer a skype private pageant coaching. 

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A central figure in doing a fantastic job on stage at a competition or a runway modeling show is the advanced knowledge in techniques performance or competition. It is important to know the advanced techniques that will help you excel and rise above the top. In order to produced a great result, you need to learn the techniques from a top Pageant Coach or a Top Runway Model Coach who knows what it takes to win and has produced State Winners! We have worked with some of the top State winners, top models and modeling agencies.

Your pageant performance or a runway ability to command the stage is central to your success!!
During the private training, you will learn the most advanced techniques in the business. Here are some of the training techniques that we offer.

The winning look requires various elements from wardrobe, hair, makeup, speaking abilities and of course, one element that is a major factor in obtaining the winning look is your walking or runway skills.

Call us to learn the winning walking techniques in pageant, runway modeling and any other occasion or career.

GISELLE BOONE is one of the best and top walking coach in the country. She had traveled all over the United States teaching models, pageant contestants and modeling agencies the walking techniques suited for the career being pursued. She is a top pageant coach, top modeling runway coach, entrepreneur, dance champion and had studied the body mechanics and movements along with footwork, muscle functions and more!!! Giselle had trained some of the top State winners, top runway models and stage performers around the country.

Here are the following walking elements:
1. Posture in walking
2. Head movements in walking
3. Chest lift and body carriage in walking
4. Shoulder control in walking
5. Isolation in walking
6. Hip Action in Walking
7. Leg Action in walking
8. Footwork in walking
9. Directional in walking
10. Inline in walking
11. Knee movement in walking
12. Control in walking
13. Timing in walking
and much more.

You will need to choose one element or elements in your walking coaching or walking consultation.
This is an hourly lesson. For pricing and walking consultation, call 714-619-1085 or email

Office and Training Facility:
Newport Beach, California
Call 714-619-1085

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