Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    


Congratulations to Erika Yarborough, winning Ms. Orange County California 2016 and Lilienne Cullen, Ms. Southern Coast California 2016.

In light of the recent news, we are a different pageant system. There are several pageant systems in Orange County and we are not affiliated with the Mrs. Titleholder involved. Mrs Pageants are generally for women ages 27 and up depending on the Mrs. Organizer while the Miss Title is open to single women ages 18 to 26 years.

Pageant Date:                                                                 August 26, 2018
Location:                                                                        Hilton Irvine CA
Pageant Type:                                                                 Regional, Entire State of California

Ms. Orange County CA - Must be 26 and up, currently single, with or without children, reside in California, good moral character.
Mrs. Orange County CA - Must be 26 and up, currently married, with or without children, reside in California, good moral character.

Judging Criteria:
The contestants will be judged in three equal events: Interview, Sportswear and Evening Gown. The preliminary scores are added  and the contestants with the highest scores will become our semi-finalists. The semi-finalists will compete in the final round and the top 5 will be selected followed by one final question. The contestant with the highest over all scores will be the new titleholder. The top 5 will be involved in several red carpet events, appearances, charity work, public speaking events and much more!

Interview: The judges talk to each contestant to learn about her goals, family life, experience, ambitions and much more. The focused is on her poise, charm, self-confidence, communication skills and more. The preliminary interview is done on a panel form. Each of the contestants will meet with the judges individually.

Swimsuit or Sportswear:  The focus is on her confidence, energy, poise, physical presentation, figure, fitness and stage presence.

Evening Gown: Each contestant wears a gown of her choice. The gown must be long and should touch the floor at one point. The focus is on over all appearance, confidence, beauty, elegance, style, stage presence and much more. The judges are told to focus on the over all impression and not the cost of the gown.

For questions, call 714-619-1085 or text. You may send us an email at

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