Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    



Giselle Boone is one of the leading modeling coach and modeling Scout in Los Angeles and Orange County. Her recent protege just walked for STYLE FASHION WEEK and NEW YORK FASHION just a few days ago (3.22.2015). Her passion is taking an unknown model and training her in the art of runway techniques and comp card photo evaluation. Giselle Boone is very detailed oriented when it comes to photoshoots and selecting the proper wardrobe, poses, proper theme, look and overall impressions of the model's photos to include in a model's zed card or comp cards. 

Here is some steps to consider when preparing for a modeling career:
1. Set a modeling goal. Do your research regarding the modeling agencies that you want to visit. Find out their height requirements and the type of models they usually hire in their model board. Check their website. 

2. Accept the reality. Most modeling agencies are looking for female at least 5'9 and up and Male models 5'10" and up. There is also what you call "Too tall" for modeling. Do not be discouraged. All major top modeling agencies in the country who are looking for the best of the best. It may be difficult to get in but you can start preparing now. IF YOU ARE UNDER 5'9 FOR WOMEN AND UNDER 5'10 FOR MEN, STILL GET SOME MODELING TRAINING, LEARN THE TECHNIQUES, TAKE AMAZING PHOTOS AND BUILD A STRONG PORTFOLIO BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW.

3. BEFORE YOU VISIT A MODELING AGENCIES, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE GOODS! or you will be denied. What are the goods? You must look the part, height, body weight etc. You must work out regularly and eat right. Do you know why? Most designers use sizes 2 to 4. In New York, size 0 is also used by designers. So if you are not these sizes, unless you are going for full figured, then you will need to prepare and wait. Do some exercises, eat right and then check the body weight on your check list.

4. DO NOT VISIT A MODELING AGENCIES IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT PHOTOS. If you don't have any photos, the modeling agencies would want to see what you look like on photos. If you don't have any, they will take Polaroid photos of you which are not always a great representation of you who you are.

5. Your photos must be of great quality. I often hear these words. "If the agency like me, they will pay for my photos." Not true! The modeling agencies will not invest on someone who they have no knowledge of how marketable they could be. You can be the most beautiful person and still don't know who to pose in front of a camera or do not have the right expressions or natural body movements.

6. It is true. You do not have to spend top dollars on a photographer. There are so many amazing photographers are there that would do exchanges such as they would like to build their portfolio as well so you got your photo and they got theirs. But before you connect with a photographer, make sure they are legitimate as in they have a website, you can see the product of their photos, they are professional, check their background. Do not go to their house. Star by doing outdoors with people around or their professional photo studio.

7. Check the quality of their work meaning don't keep taking photos from the same photographer and all you are doing is changing your wardrobe. It doesn't work that way. Most often, using different photographers for each look will give you the right quality you need. For example, the photos the modeling agencies would like to see are very specific. Natural Headshot, commercial, life style, business, swimsuit, catalog, high fashion, sporty, guy and a girl etc. Again, you will need to have professional hair and makeup artist present unless you know how to do it professionally. To save money, ask a friend who are certified.

8. When taking photos, you will need to see the them or look you are going for and double check the clothes and accessories that you will be wearing. It cannot look cheap as in everyday clothes. You will need to  borrow from friends or designers in your area in order to have a very professionally done look. For example, I love forever 21 but you can't use it for high fashion often unless you are super creative.

9. After you have the proper photos, you have been preparing through hard work and have achieved your weight goal, be very meticulous on how you take care of your skin and hair. You will need to look your best in order to be signed by a modeling agencies. You are competing with girls or guys that had been in the business so you will need to really push the star quality. Take care of your skin by using skin care, moisturizer, eye bags remover, sunscreen, acne medicine if you have acne or pimples, anti-aging skincare if you are older etc.

10. Now that you have achieved your weight goal, you have an amazing skin and hair, you have worked out and look like a model, your photos are amazing, now you need to call Giselle Boone. Giselle had been training models for so many years and she knows the techniques to be an amazing runway model for both women and men. Up-and-coming models always talk about just doing runway, or just doing print, guess what? a majority of modeling agencies would like to hire a model who can do both. Before you visit a modeling agency, you will need to learn and take runway modeling lessons from Giselle Boone. The runway modeling techniques are also very specific from head to toe. Just because you watch modeling competitions on TV, it does not guarantee that you are doing it correctly. Call Giselle Boone at 714-619-1085. Giselle's models take a moth lesson, at least before she sends them to go-see. When you visit a modeling agency or agencies, they will make you walk and for men often, they want you to take your shirt off so be prepared. 

11. Now that you have your portfolio, you look fantastic, you have your runway modeling techniques and your poses, you will need to wear the right outfit when going for your go-see. Black and black or black on white or black on nude colors are usually the best. If you are going for the mainstream skinny models, then you will need to wear something tight and fitted. Most runway models wear tight leather pants, and black tank top or black mini skirt and white tank top. Again, look for star quality outfits. If you will wear a black pants, make sure, it looks well fitted and the style is up-to-date. In other words, look like a model and don't come in looking sloppy.

12. Look for a modeling manager who knows the ins and out of the modeling business and has a connection or connections with the modeling agencies. Be careful because everyone is a manager. Be selective on who really will deliver the goods. Some managers don't really have a connection with any modeling agencies or fashion week so avoid those. Your modeling manager should set up an appointment with the modeling agencies for an appointment so the manager must be a current modeling scout in the business.  The beauty of having a modeling scout like Giselle Boone, she can set up a one-on-one appointment with a modeling agent instead of the model attending an open call which has way too many people. Remember, the modeling agencies will compare you with the rest of the models so it is advantageous to have your own appointment.

13. Learn proper manners, etiquette and be very nice. No one wants to talk to someone that is negative or boring. Have an amazing personality and be able to go back and forth with the conversation. Learn a little background on the modeling agencies that you are visiting. Know something about the agents and owners and how they started.  Find out who is your favorite model of all time. Study why modeling is important to you.

14. Follow up. After a nice visit with agencies, always call them back a few days later and follow up. 

15. Find out the next Fashion Week Casting and attend but first, contact Giselle Boone. She is well connected with the Fashion Week, the designers and agents. She can call the designers itself and send your photos. Also call Giselle Boone to make sure you take some modeling lessons. Even if you had taken lessons in runway modeling before, always take more lessons. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

16. Start early! You can never be too young or too old to learn runway modeling. Whether you are form California or another state, Giselle Boone will help you prepare for a very important modeling agency visit or prepare for a fashion week etc.

If you have any questions contact Giselle Boone at 714-619-1085 or email Giselle's office is in Newport Beach CA.

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