September 15, 2015
Tiffany and Lexi Peterson

Oh my goodness, we so love you!

I remembered you telling us your story of how nice Donald Trump was when you met him in Las Vegas during the Miss USA and the impact he had on you.  It's sad to see him go but like the article you sent said he has built this system up to a wonderful place and we should be grateful and so respectful of his hard work and dedication. I know I am!

On the same topic of Trump's hard work and dedication, I have to tell you it reminds Lexi and I of you (Giselle Boone)!  I am so honored to call you a great director. Words cannot describe all the thoughts we feel about and admire about you. From my perspective of "being on the outside looking in," I see this amazingly strong and happy leader (Whose simply beautiful inside and out) setting examples for and being a role
model like no other for these beautiful, intelligent and driven young ladies.

I mean seriously I've never seen or heard of a director that does as much as I've seen you do. In the short four months that I've known you, I
have enjoyed watching and listening about everything you do. From helping so many girls looking their best (providing them dresses, hair/makeup, jewelry, shoes...) being their cheerleader and support, getting them work and/or events which help them grow and learn, assisting with financial support,  acquiring sponsors, as well as give them that advice that they might not want to hear because you only want them to succeed and be the best they can be because you care that much! These are only to name a few as I know there is much, much more.

Giselle Boone, you are seriously their shining star! When those girls see  you on stage volunteering/ emceeing like on Sunday at Nepal and
emceeing asking questions on stage to the contestants like you have done at your pageants, they are learning the skills of how to become strong and confident individuals as you model that.  They learn how to be stylish from you. They have someone to emulate. They learn how
to succeed from you. Lexi just loves you to pieces. She is so happy where she is right now in life, especially in the past four months since meeting you. The growth in her and the friendships she made... oh my! Can't say that she was getting things from soccer for the past eight years.... She and the girls smile and have fun with you and you relate to them, no matter their ages. It's always "A Girl Party with a purpose."

So, yes. we seriously love you to the moon and back, forever and ever. So blessed and thankful God created (and your parents ) Giselle
Boone, the most wonderful, sweetest, beautiful, kind-hearted, intelligent, human being we know.