Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    



Giselle Boone is an Orange County base modeling scout who worked with so many successful models. Her models are now walking for some of the top designers at New York Fashion Week! That's the truth! "I still remember their first step and first walking lesson in my previous Newport Beach, CA training facility, said Miss Giselle.

Professional Models still work on their modeling craft everyday: So should you! Here are the proper model suggestions.
1. Beginners to advance modeling poses
2. Facial expressions
3. Natural Movements
4. Competitive Wardrobe
5. Hair and Makeup
6. We work with both Female and Male models
7. Miss Giselle and Curt's professional team will not take NUDE PHOTOS, sorry.
8. Life style, Catalog, High fashion, Commercial, and more.
9. We will look at your portfolio and check which photos are modeling agency note worthy.
10. Proper wardrobe. Don't bring wardrobes with too many prints, too much of the same colors, same style, same type of look,
too bold of accessories, in other words, if your photos are overall from head to toe the same in every way including style, at best you might be able to use only one. We will perfect your portfolio and avoid this issue.
11. Our set is a professional set. Please do not bring people that will affect your shoot. If you are underage, you should bring a parent and not the entire family. If you are an adult, do not bring your boyfriend, family members, friends etc. Our photo shoot is a closed shoot. We do not want an extra person telling you what to do. 
12. You do not need to tan your skin, come as natural as possible.
13. Bring what you have as far as makeup, hair products and tools. If you do not have one, that is why we are here. 
14. Please indicate if the shoot is for modeling and acting in advance.
15. We will ask you to bring your own wardrobe however, if it requires for us to bring our special wardrobe, we will let you know based on the type of shoot but for beginners, we require that you bring your own wardrobe after speaking to us ahead of time.
16. Please indicate if you are a beginner or advance.
17. Bring your book if you have any.
18. Please arrive on time.
19. Be courteous and open for suggestions
20. Be clean. What you did the night before your shoot will affect your photo shoot. Prep the skin, hair and body. Wash your hair the night before.
21. We will decide if you have too many in door and not enough outdoor shoot or both.
22. Models have a certain look. Do not be discouraged or upset but we will give you the proper and honest advice that you need.

Whether you need a full body shot or a three quarters, the professional team of Curt Nordling and Miss Giselle Boone will help you obtain the professional shot that you needed. Your first meeting is all about education. After several meetings, you will find yourself able to start competing with other models. Don't take a photo shoot without a professional makeup artistry and wardrobe styling along with posing lessons with Giselle Boone. Curt Nordling will help you obtain that professional shots that you needed!

Taking a confident head shot is crucial which requires proper preparations and practice. Alessandra is a new model, seen here looking over her left shoulder. As you can see, this shot is quire amazing for a new model however, this particular shot, take by Curt required a lot of efforts made a an amazing team of Curt and Giselle Boone. This shot has a WOW Factor after making her feel comfortable and confident in her own skin and helping her produce a natural look rather forced. Having a successful photo shoots for your portfolio will require a team of successful professionals who knows what it takes to have an amazing shoot for the new model's portfolio. 

Giselle Boone is a well known makeup artist in the business. She started as a cosmetic business manager back in 2000 and later worked for some of the top fashion shows and photo shoots in Orange County and Los Angeles. As an expert in building model's portfolio, her main goal is to make sure that all the photos depict the proper image that is required to make the shots different and fashionable. Her job is not only to educate but bring out the model's best features. You will find that every shot is different from each other but at the same time, it is note worthy for modeling agencies.

Steps to take:
1. Contact Miss Giselle Boone and book your first photo shoot at 714-619-1085
2. Reserve the photo shoot day and time.
3. Confirm your schedule by send an email to
4. Pay using Paypal, use our email and send through friends and family.
5. Giselle Boone will contact you on what to bring.
6. At the shoot, Giselle Boone and Curt Nordling will create the shots that you needed.
7. You will learn how to pose and project that natural feel and the artistry required for the shoot.
8. At the end of the photo shoot, we will select right then and there the shots that we all like.
9. Final photo shoot observations and what to work on as an assignment.
10. Remember,  you can book as many photo shoots 

For fee pricing details, call 714-619-1085 or email
The model will receive 2 final photos per shoot with two different wardrobes and looks. There is an additional fee for each two additional looks.

Professional Model Scout and Booking Manager
Giselle Boone

Professional Photographer
Curt Nordling

Contact Information

Please send an email to There is a fee per shoot and a cancellation fee. You can pay via paypal and fee must be paid before the shoot.

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