Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    



Welcome to our pageant family! Many wonderful young ladies just like you have a dream of competing in the largest pageant in Orange County. We have so many regionals that you can choose from. We know that you have set goals for yourself and you want to accomplish it. You want to make a difference in your community and even your family and you don't know how or where to start. You wish to be on stage and compete in a pageant and you want the first step to take. Well, you are in the right place. We are here to make your dream of becoming not  just be a pageant girl, but to make a mark in this world, come true.

It starts with us! Whether you wish of becoming a teacher, nurse, doctor, dance instructor, model and more, we will provide an opportunity for you to build your self-confidence, become more assertive, be motivated, become a doer rather than wait for someone to hand things to you, you want to be a success. It all requires hard work and we will help you get that inner sense of doing rather than waiting.

Most pageants require a contestant to win a city pageant before competing in regionals. With us, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WIN A PAGEANT TO COMPETE at the largest pageant in Orange County. Wow!! That's right! It is open to all California Residents. Where does the winner go after? The winner will get a chance to represent our organization to DONALD TRUMP'S MISS CALIFORNIA USA® or MISS CALIFORNIA TEEN USA® which is the LARGEST PAGEANT IN THE COUNTRY!

CAN I KEEP COMPETING UNTIL I WIN? We would like to think that this experience will promote confidence building, that a contestant compete with herself and not with others. You want to grow from this experience and become more fulfilled by keep trying and learning the skills. Some had won as a first time competitor and others had to try several times before winning and that is because of perseverance, drive, personal commitment, ambition and tenacity which is what we require for you to develop. You can keep competing as many times as you want but the experience will build friendships among pageant sisters, develop life-skills that you will take with you and help you have the "DO YOU BEST AT ALL TIMES" attitude in everything that you do.

A large group of our young ladies fulfilled their dream of becoming a great part in their community. Numerous hours of volunteer work had helped them become one with their community and at the same time received credits for their school. Do we require hours of volunteer work? Absolutely not, but, we want you to find an organization that is dear to you heart, whether because of your family or personal experience or because you have a passion for that particular organization. All we want is for you to try and be a part of the organization of your choice. Does it have to be an organization or charity? No. It can be a beach clean up, volunteer at a dog shelter etc. Our queens had been involved in major charity organizations and each time they received a great sense of gratitude. No matter what, you want to try and volunteer, be it 20 minutes or hours, you will feel selfless and have a greater appreciation in making a difference to someone or to a group of people.

Whether you need help in posture, building confidence, proper walking lesson, hair and makeup training, wardrobe styling, becoming feminine, proper communication skills, we will be here to help you. Choose one or all of the topics and schedule it today! These are the many benefits of being a contestant and much more!

When you become a part of our pageant organization, you become an integral part towards the success of our yearly endeavors. We are a team! Without you and our sponsors, we will not be able to help countless of charity organizations and help develop your skills and  so many young women become who they are today so thank you! If you work hard, you will reap the benefits. If you want things handed to you, you will never learn the importance of hard work. Challenge yourself!


We all know that competing will require a little sacrifice and it doesn't have to come out of your pocket. Remember, when you apply for the pageant, you must ask for the WAYS TO BE ABLE TO COMPETE: OPTIONS OF BECOMING A CONTESTANT. There are several alternatives.

What about the wardrobes? Well, would like to think that our judges will focus on the contestant and not what they are wearing. You can use your prom dress or borrow from your friends. It does not have to be a designer. Focus on the techniques rather than the outfit.

The road to becoming MISS ORANGE COUNTY or MISS ORANGE COUNTY TEEN (Or our other regionals) begins with you! Please fill out the online form below or click here to apply.

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