MISS TUSTIN REGIONAL AND MISS TUSTIN TEEN REGIONAL
                                     A preliminary to Miss California USA® and Miss California Teen USA®


Kindness Begins With Me Anti-bullying Campaign and Proper Etiquette speech by Miss Orange County Teen USA 2018, Misha Patel, Miss Fullerton Teen USA 2018 Henna Sanghvi and Miss Brea Teen USA 2017, Nicole Samia at Acacia Elementary on October 25, 2017. It was truly an honor to share our story with these ladies. Thank you for the thank you cards.



       Miss Orange County Teen USA 2018 is Misha Patel (Left), Miss Orange County USA 2018 is Cassie Rowland


PAGEANT: May 20, 2018. SUNDAY. Apply Here.              



Paola Cortes, Miss Tustin USA 2017                                       Katie Wayland, Miss Tustin USA 2016
Paola competed at the 2017 Miss CA USA                                 Katie placed in the Top 20 at the 2016 Miss CA USA Pageant
Alexys Ungria, Miss Tustin Teen USA 2017                              Aaliyah Garcia, Miss Tustin Teen USA 2016
*Alexys competed at the 2017 Miss CA Teen USA                  Aaliyah competed at the 2016 Miss CA Teen USA Pageant

CALL OR TEXT 714-619-1085 
EMAIL: gisellepx@yahoo.com (If we don't answer your call, this is the best way to contact us)

"Research has shown that the number 1 obstacle for women to overcome in reaching their potential in any endeavor is lack of confidence. In doing so, our contestants and titleholders have the opportunity to grow as women and be confident in any goal they choose to pursue. While we are a competition, the women who participate also learn to help one another, support each other and create a network of friends and colleagues on which to draw support."

"This is an organization for women, run by women, built on a foundation of inclusion and continues to be a celebration of diversity. Annually, nearly ten thousand young women participate in the national pageant all over the country. The contestants that have gone through are able to cultivate their personal career goals, advocate humanitarian issues and be a voice to affect positive change in the world. These women are forward thinking and motivated to not just talk about this change, but to initiate it. They have gone on to high-profile careers in government, business, finance, broadcasting, as well as film and television."

"To provide the tools which help women to be their personal best. Self-confidence is the key. Every woman should have the confidence to stand up in any situation and declare, I am secure and that's what makes me beautiful."

Congratulations to our sister queen, Jaanu Patel, 16, winning Miss California Teen USA 2017
Coached by Giselle Boone. Jaanu was our former Miss Huntington Beach Teen USA 2017.

ONLINE SEARCH: The Miss Orange County Regional and Miss Orange County Teen Regional Organization is conducting an online search for two lucky ladies from Tustin to join the rest of our amazing contestants from California. Hopefuls must send an email with three current photos, a short resume and tell us why you should be chosen. Our panel of experts will select the finalists based on creativity, personality and interview. The photos of the finalists will then be posted on our Miss Orange County Regional and Miss Orange County Teen Regional Facebook Page. Hurry and join today! 

Contestants must be a U.S. Citizen and a resident or student in California
Female, single, never married, never had a child, never been pregnant, not a parent, never had marriage annulled, good moral character.

MISS: Ages 18 to 27 years old but cannot be 28 by January 1, 2019
TEEN: Ages 14 to 18 years old but cannot be 19 by January 1, 2019

               OFFICE PHONE: 714-619-1085                      WEBSITE: missoc.com
                 EMAIL: gisellepx@yahoo.com



 Miss Universe 2015 crowned, Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines. We sat on the 3rd row and witnessed this grate event. (2nd Pic) Alexia Castillo, Miss Huntington Beach USA 2016 made top 5 at the 2016 Miss California USA. Kaylee Fuller, (3rd Runner Up) trained by Giselle Boone also made top 5 at the 2016 Miss California Teen USA. Laure Dorn is our youngest contestant to the 2016 Miss California Teen USA making top 20 and top 10 as a 14 year old being our Miss Orange County Teen USA 2016.        Our Alexia Castillo made Top 5     

Also 14 years old, Mikayla Oresko   WORLD SPECIAL OLYMPICS. We   AMERICAN NINJA TV Appearance  Aaliyah Garcia, Miss Tustin Teen youngest to make the            were fortunate to be the medal aired Jan. 19, 2016 on Esquire   USA® 2016 attending STYLE
 Top 20 at Miss CA Teen USA on     presenter. July 31, 2015. LA          TEAM NINJA with star Joe     FASHION WEEK, Los Angeles
 Dec. 6, 2015. Photo by Woody.                                                           Marovsky. Oct. 23, 2015 filming  Oct. 18, 2016.



MISS TUSTIN CA ORGANIZATION is extending the message of being proactive, having the initiative to reach out to the different organizations such as AIDS AWARENESS, KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN and SPECIAL OLYMPICS. We also encourage our contestants and queens to be a part of an organization that is dear to their hearts. WE ARE A PROACTIVE PAGEANT. This is an honor and a responsibility that we take seriously. Whether you are volunteering near or far, our goal is to mobilize our girls to go beyond.


         Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone                          Break Through Barriers                                         Discover New friendships

The Official MISS TUSTIN and MISS TUSTIN TEEN Regional Pageant for Tustin Locals, open to California resident.  HOME OF MISS TUSTIN. One lucky young lady in each division will represent TUSTIN at the state pageant and receive a $1,000 state entry and the crown for Miss Tustin USA® and Miss Tustin Teen USA®. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We have a spot for you.  Our most awaited pageant event ever! Great prizes! Amazing experience!

Miss Tustin California Organization empowers women to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best.  A confident woman has the power to make real changes starting at her local community with a potential to reach a global audience.  We encourage every woman to understand through service what it means to be confidently beautiful.  This pageant is run by women for women built on a foundation of inclusion and continues to be a celebration of diversity, Miss Universe Organization said. 

The key to our success in the Miss Tustin CA Organization is based on our focus concerning the attention to detail and preparations. Our pageant expert has over 20 years of pageant experience and expertise thereby taking our contestants to the next highest level of progression and successful pageant performance. Our program has trained two state teen titleholders as well as several top 20 and top 10 finalists in both teen and miss at the state pageant.  Our titleholders become role models to young women and has been involved in high profile fashion shows and red carpet events. We champion several campaigns in our community. This pageant system really open doors not only for titleholders but contestants as well. Prize package includes access to wardrobe, jewelry, travel, personal care and more! Each winner advances to the state pageant with her $1,000 state entry fee paid.  In addition to prizes and opportunities for the titleholders, other delegates benefit from this regional pageant experience.  Scouts for fashion, film, television and music may be present, scouting for promising talent. At Miss Tustin and Miss Tustin Teen CA Pageant, doors to entertainment careers, hosting, politics, spokesperson, public speaking, stage performance, leadership and other interests can open for any delegate. 

We choose several queen leaders to help the contestants by motivating them in fulfilling our mission which is to visit as many schools as we can and talk to them about the important of gaining confidence, friendship, acceptance and support. Queen leadership assignments must not be viewed as a way to obtain personal recognition or advancement but rather an opportunity to serve others and one another.
QUEEN SENIOR PLANNER. We believe in working two by two as sister queens to help build a stronger bond.
Our Miss Queen and Teen Queen are the basic unit of our organizational service. Successful sister queens  and appropriate queen conduct begin in the sisterhood under the direction of the senior sister queen. being in the public eye is a responsibility and requires that each of their loves became organize and careful. Everyone will have their eyes on you and proper public behavior both in person or online is a must! Mentoring California youth.
1. Ambassadors (Miss and Teen)
2. Queen District Leaders (Miss and Teen)
3. Queen Zone Leaders (Miss and Teen)
4. Queen Assistant to the Executive Director (Miss and Teen)


Our goal is to help our queens develop awareness and responsibility to really uphold their title with dedication and loyalty for a year. Our organization is not just about being on stage and competing at state in heels. It is more than that. We take pride into having ownership to our title by being proactive, going out into the community and really using their title for a greater cause.  It is service oriented. Some queens wait for our calls to do community service while others find ways to make use of their crown and sashes by calling schools, churches and other opportunities. If a queen doesn't finish her year, she will be replaced by the first runner up who will continue the year. If a queen competes at another system before her year is finish, she will be replaced by the first runner up and if the first runner up is not eligible, then the second runner up will complete her reign.

June 21, 2015, Miss Tustin Teen CA Regional Winners

Official crowns and exclusive satin sashes will be awarded to to the top queens.  The USA crowns and banners are only available to the top  queens. We will also appoint a state approved title or titles that a runners up can use if she qualifies to compete at the state pageant. However, we also have regional and ambassador crowns and sashes that we can present to those who won their categories.

The Miss Tustin California Regional ha TONS of Plaques to be awarded! You can be the next award recipient! Join today!

* Aside from competing at our regional Miss Tustin Pageant, any qualified contestants can apply through our help and let us help you with the application forms, answer your questions, help you prepare with our amazing pageant coaching and training program. Cal 714.619.1085 or email gisellepx@yahoo.com.

SANDWICH FOR HOPE EVENT, (Feeding the Homeless)

We came, we saw, we fed them. Aaliyah Garcia, the reigning Miss Tustin Teen USA® 2016 was among other queens  and ambassadors who attended the "Sandwich for Hope" Event in Costa Mesa with the help of the Costa Mesa Police who were so kind enough to be there as we fed the homeless.

                          KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME
                                                                  (Confidence Building Campaign)

We are an independent Organization with a national anti-bullying campaign that focuses on providing voluntary services to different schools, colleges and universities as well as conferences and seminars that help to educate our students about the many types of bullying,
how we can avoid them, how we can help students gain confidence and love who they are and help improve the quality of education by enhancing the students' morale by building a more positive environment. 

We have created these pageants in order to select the spokesperson for a particular area and we are so excited to be able to mentor our future leaders. " We focus more on the work rather than the glamour side of pageantry. Our ladies have been speaking at different schools and events since 2011. It has been such a wonderful and rewarding experience for these ladies which we are happy to provide for them."We will be happy to speak at your school or council meeting. For request, call 714.619.1085 or email gisellepx@yahoo.com. 

The 2017 MISS TUSTIN CALIFORNIA and MISS TUSTIN TEEN CALIFORNIA Pageant is on June 19, 2016. We are now accepting at-large contestants. Press the contact us tab or fill out the online form below. Be sure to send us an email at gisellepx@yahoo.com to make sure that we receive your online form. Join Katie and Aaliyah as they crown their successor.

                                  MISS TUSTIN CA OPTIONAL PROGRAM

We all know that there are only three judging criteria for the Miss Tustin CA and Miss Tustin Teen CA, namely Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Interview. But what if a contestant or contestants are talented and would like to showcase their talents? No worries. We have the optonal competition which is separate and will not affect your scores from the main judging criteria. The optionals is a one event or you may compete in more than one events. 


8 Simple Truths About Joining our Beauty Pageant You Might Need To Know: Written by Giselle Boone.

1. Pageants can be inexpensive to join. The entry fee doesn't have to come from your pocket.  We offer a chance for you to find sponsors by giving you sample sponsorship letters that you can give to your friends, family, neighbors, businesses and so on. A large part of being in a pageant is the ability to talk to people and promote your causes and other important ideas and preparations. We teach our contestants to learn how to brand themselves and connect them with professionals that can open doors for them with their careers. If we hand things to them and not teach them how to learn to face the world, they will not improve. We also offer several scholarship opportunities with the entry fee by giving as a resume of their accomplishments and if they excel and top in academics in their school, sports, theater, talent and so on, they can receive a free entry fee. We also provide options for early entrants or early contestant applicants to trade their entry fee with ticket sales which is not coming from their pockets and there are benefits to having people cheering for them at the pageant.  Wardrobe Cost? You will need to borrow from friends and past contestants, you can also purchase first hand, second hand and other nearly new dresses sold at used internet sights such as the Facebook "The Glass Slipper Pageant Resale Shop which offers amazing quality for a really low prize. You also need to understand that the judges are not interested on the cost of the gown but rather how a person walks with confidence on stage and own it! Professional Headshot, you can contact friends who are amazing photographers, you can investigate on modelmeyham for possible female photographers who will exchange and trade shots to build their portfolio and most of them are amazing! Physical Training? There are plenty of exercises online that you can use to research and help your problem areas. You just need to look. You don't need a private fitness trainer or a gym. Pageant coaching, hair and makeup, we offer several complimentary training hours for all official contestants in all aspects and areas of the competition at no charge. Pageant Hotel, most pageant hotels for regionals are not needed because it is a one day competition. During the state pageant, your hotel is included in your entry fee for state so most of the time, regional directors will pay for the winners state entry fee because I do. 

2. Your so called outdated and tradition rules are in place for the winners or queens safety and obligations. The titleholder only holds her title for a year so outside distraction is not needed. The focus is to make a difference in the world or your local area for one and it will go by fast. so if a queen has other obligations, it will hinder her job as a queen because it is a job. 

3. Not true that taller women always win. There are two short 5'4' Miss Universe, two 5'4" Miss USA on the record and a few short Miss Teen USA. Giselle's I thought you should know. Apparently, who held the record for the shortest Miss Universe? Columbia's Luz Marina Zuluaga, 19, (Miss Universe 1958) and Thailand's Apasra Hongsakula, 18, (Miss Universe 1965) both at 5'4." There you go ladies. Who says you have to be tall? smile emoticon The tallest Miss Universe was Miss Universe 2003, Dominican Republic's Amelia Vega, 6'1." There are 17 Miss Universe winners on record who won at the age of 18 years old. The last winner who won at 18 years old was Stefania Fernandez from Venezuela who won in 2009. See? who says you have to be older to win? smile emoticon
The shortest Miss USA? Miss USA 1952, Jackie Loughery and Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner both at 5'4." There you go. Just a little encouragement.

4. The specialty pageant such as plus sizes, petite pageants etc. are in place but if you want to compete and reach your goal as a Miss USA or Miss Universe contestant, there are rules in place that has been in place for a really long time.  We do hold our girls to a higher standard without stereotypes But to tell you, all the contestants come from all walks of life, sizes and appearance at the USA System which makes us an organization run by women for women and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

5. We do recommend for our contestants to exercise healthy eating habits, body toning and exercise. The USA System as well as the Miss Universe are both into women with shapes. Most women who are super thin like models don't usually fit the mold but we encourage fitness because of the swimsuit competition. We do not recommend starvation because the skin doesn't look healthy and again they prefer women with curves, fit and healthy. We encourage our contestants to be healthy not only for the competition but also to be able to fulfill her obligations as a titleholder.

6. The winner is not always born in pageants or had been in pageants for a while. There are so many USA winners that competed for their first pageant or have gone to Miss USA by winning their state title as their first pageant and then go on to Miss USA as their second pageant experience but the key is hard work and proper pageant training.

7. Local and state pageants are glamorous especially Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA who has the record number of contestants from around California. They can afford an excellent stage and venue. My regional pageant is always held at a classy location such as the Hilton Irvine which offers state of the art Amenities. We have a professional lighting and music technician, our stage backdrop is always fantastic and we provide the winners with an amazing prize package including the state entry fee.  We have the best fashion show and our girls are well trained in runway, hair and makeup and wardrobe styling.  It is definitely not comparable to a high school pageant because most of the high school auditorium have very small theaters, some have an odd scents and some of them are dirty. I like the hotel because the restaurant is there, it is very clean and the contestants can stay at the nice hotel. 

8. There is plenty of sisterhood at the USA system and still to this day, many of the contestants will say to you that their closest friends are the people that they met at the pageant so there you go!. 


Contact Information

Please fill out this online form completely. You must call our office to make sure that your online form went through. Call 714-619-1085. All contestants must email a current photo of the contestant in order to be processed. Email to gisellepx@yahoo.com.

(Tustin) What pageant are you applying for?:
First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
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Zip Code: (5 digits)
Cell Number:
Daytime Phone:
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Have you competed in a pageant before/ If yes, tell us which one:
What are your hobbies:
What school do you currently attend:
TEEN: Parent or Guardian Name:
TEEN: Parent or Guardian Contact Info, cell, home, :
TEEN: Parent or Guardian Email:
Please initial here to allow us to send you pageant materials or email.:

Our goal is to help the contestants engage in a process to take greater responsibility for minimizing the negative effects of bullying in our schools, internet and public settings with the help of our anti-bullying campaign called Kindness Begins With Me after-school program. We have also created our Environmental Kindness Begins With Me to educate contestants about going green and save our natural resources, change attitude about littering, promote recycling, and raise awareness about energy conservation. 

* A pageant that accepts ALL qualified contestants, no experience in pageantry necessary.
* With a Fair Environment in which young women compete not against each other but themselves, strive for growth.
* Our pageant will build individual pride and greater self-awareness. Sometimes it is difficult for our teens to jump-start their progress. We will help encourage them through our pageant to be aware of their goals, skills and prepare for a better future.
* Our Pageant focuses on effectively communication skills and greater social awareness. We train our pageant contestant to speak in front of people comfortably, to share what they believe and to become an effective listener.
* Our pageant teaches our young contestants the importance of femininity. For those young ladies wanting to learn how to dress properly, to speak and act like a proper young lady, this is the pageant for you.


* We encourage our pageant contestants to find causes or issues they feel strongly about. Our two main campaigns are Kindness Begins With Me Anti-bullying and confidence Building Campaign and the Sandwich for Home, feeding the homeless.


We have a separate competition that is judged individually called the OC OPTIONAL COMPETITION where contestants can choose from over 30 individual optional events to compete from. They can compete in one or multiple optionals. This is one way to showcase your talent and receive a special talent award at the pageant. The scores from the OC Optional Competition will not be added to the main events but is judged separately.

Call: 714.619.1085
Email: gisellepx@yahoo.com
Website: misstustin.com

    ELIGIBILITY                       WARDROBE                            JUDGING CRITERIA                                   APPLY NOW             

Kids Pageant - Sister Queen

Kindness Begins With Me, Confidence Building. Press Here
Bullying can happen to all ages may it be young kids, teens or adults. We can change the world by starting one school at a time. "Bullying takes many different forms including physical threats or  violence; name-calling and teasing; ostracism; and social attacks on someone’s reputation. People can bully others directly, in person; indirectly, such as by gossiping or ‘badmouthing’ by voice to others; or through any form of communication technology including talking on the phone, writing, texting, email, and recording. Bullying behavior occurs in schools, sports, youth groups, work places, social groups, senior centers, and online activities. It can occur anywhere people gather, either in the real world or the virtual world. Bullying takes place between people of all ages and walks of life. Young people who are being bullied are especially likely to feel trapped and alone because they usually don’t have a choice about where they live, go to school, or play." us adults, we can do something about it. Don't believe in rumors.