PRESENTED BY MISS YOUTH AMERICA, MISS YOUTH INTERNATIONAL since 2000                                                       
Presented by the Junior National Pageant Association (JNPA), a junior division of Miss Youth America.
Platform: Kindness Begins With Me Anti-bullying Campaign and Coco's Corner Non-profit Organization

Are you ready to be on our national stage?

This is an organization dedicated in helping today's girls ages 1 to 12 to develop self-esteem, become aware of her surrounding through  community involvement and develop friendships with the other contestants. Other skills include be loving, be caring, have greater sense of self, skills development, better social interaction, learn etiquette, better communication skills, becomes spokesperson for Kindness Begins With Me Anti-bullying Campaign and more. Our National Pageants are located at the heart of Southern California, the Hilton Irvine which is 20 minutes from Disneyland.

Pageant Type:                                  National, The entire United States
Pageant Date:                                  August 26, 2018
Location:                                         Hilton Irvine, 18800 MacArthur Blvd Irvine California
National Titles:                                 WORLD'S BRILLIANT JUNIOR MISS SM
                                                      MISS JUNIOR USA COUNTRYWIDE SM
                                                      MISS JUNIOR YOUTH AMERICA SM
                                                      MISS JUNIOR YOUTH INTERNATIONAL SM
                                                      MISS JUNIOR UNITED COUNTIES SM
                                                                                    MISS UNITED COUNTIES GRAND SUPREME SM
Age Group:                                      Preteen ages 10 - 12, Junior Preteen ages 7-9, Princess ages 4-6, Junior Princess ages 1-3
Main Competition:                            Interview, Sportswear, Fashion Casual Wear, Evening Gown
Other Competition:                           44 optional to choose from
Crowns:                                          National Winner and State Winners
Category:                                        Glitz

To apply, simply send us your information: To apply for the state title and regional titles, please send us an email.
Miss Junior America
World's Brilliant Junior America, World's Brilliant Junior United Counties
Call 714-619-1085

Competition Events:
1. Sportswear
2. Fashion Casual Wear
3. Interview
4. Evening Gown

1. Academic Excellence Award - (No extra cost)
2. Community Service Award - (No extra cost)
3. Miss Congeniality - (No extra cost)
5. People's Choice Award
6. The Spirit of All-America Award
7. Sports Excellence Award

Our program's main focus is to help our young ladies grow  and develop their skills through stage performance and daily mastery along with helping them become more active in their community by participating in community service and organization that is dear to their heart. Website:

Simply send us an email to Call or text our office at 714-619-1085 or scroll down and fill out the online form located on the bottom of this page. 

National ALL STAR Junior America
National CHAMPION STAR Junior America
National AMATEUR STAR Junior America

Congratulations! As an amazing group of select young girls, you are all invited to be a part of the National Pageant in America produced by the Junior National Pageant Association. This national pageant will be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life. We are offering the most amazing experience including the advanced pageant training, day of the event challenges and optional competitions. This is considered one of the most amazing and most advanced pageant for kids in the USA.  This pageant will be filled with memories that will last a lifetime. You will feel like a star!

Kindness Begins With Me
We are the founder of the anti-bullying campaign called Kindness Begins With Me. It is an anti-bullying campaign that centers on preparing, preventing and healing of students who had been bullied. Kindness Begins With Me is an anti-bullying campaign that helps to promote an after school program that can help students lead a group of teens as group leaders and have a group talk sessions where teens can listen to fellow teens and share their experiences and how they overcame the negative effects of bullying. Our goal is to prepare our young women in facing the world and learn life-skills that will help them become better people, better citizens and live a successful and healthy lives as ambassadors. Some of the life skills are building self-confidence, individual pride, greater social awareness, develop greater communication skills, become involved in their community, have better relationship with family members, become involved in school activities, set goals for themselves and much more! We are so proud of you for making this great step towards being a part of our pageant.

What types of pageant can my daughter compete in?

Photos from Pageant Weekend:
Parents are encouraged to take as many photos on pageant weekend by contacting Dan Pham, our official photogrpaher.
You can make an arrangement with him on what photos you need. Dan has several photographers with him. You can request to follow your daughter specifically on the day of the pageant.

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Princess ages 4-6 and Junior Princess ages 1-3 years old.
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