Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    

INTERVIEW TRAINING and Pageant Q & A in Orange County

Award winning pageant coach and director Giselle Boone

Giselle Boone is one of the leading interview coaches in California for pageantry, job interview, college interview and more. 
Her clients had won national and international competitions, signed with various modeling agencies, admitted to the top colleges around the country and have learned the skills necessary for proper communications. She has been featured in numerous magazines, documentaries and various workshops. Giselle has over 20 years of speaking engagements and has received numerous invitations to many organizations, colleges and High Schools as a mentor and life coach. Her students won Top Interview Award.

1. Learn about the organizations or companies you are preparing for. Study the key players
2. Don't just envision yourself to the role, Be the role!
3. Behavioral Based Interview - How you behave in the past matters.
4. Practice Makes Perfect
5. Dress for Success always!
6. Have the knowledge on many topics relating to your job
7. Learn how to center the topics to your own experiences
8. Be confident but not overly confident
9. Overcome language barriers
10. If you don't know certain areas about the job, learn it.

1. How to balance your introduction and focus 
2. Know when to share your bullet points
3. Go outside the box
4. Be specific on job requirements
5. Using big words could hurt you if you don't know what it means
6. Relatable current contents
7. Role playing is important. Speaking to your own mirror is your friend
8. Your facial expressions says a lot about you
9. Project confidence, personality, intelligence and humor
10. Always follow up

1. Build relationships of trust
2. Eye Contact, when is it too much.
3. Proper Posture
4. Developing a strong hand shake
5. Your volume matters
6. Know your strengths and weaknesses
8. Control your nerves

1. Letters of Recommendations and preparing your resume
2. Punctuality and dress accordingly
3. Be you! 

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