Help us buy a building

Please help us and be generous with your donation. Our goal is to purchase a building be it small or large and this building will be our main
office and area to promote the causes produced by the Miss United Counties of America. Our main campaign is to lessen the amount of homeless people in every city where our queens and ambassadors are residing through the following areas:

1. Provide food for the homeless
2. Provide clothing for the homeless
3. Provide classes and education for their homeless children
4. To train the homeless to be self sufficient and learn the skills that will help them make money or learn a trade
5. To build a home for the homeless
6. To create an area  where volunteer doctors and nurses can donate their to do free medical check up for the homeless
7. To wash the homeless feet and teach them proper hygiene
8. Help collect toothbrush and tooth paste and have an area where a dentists can donate their time for free dental
9. Help inspire and motivate the homeless through teachers and volunteers.
10. Create a peaceful and motivational area where the homeless can learn skills and proper etiquette
11. Discipline
12. Offer financial help and counsel
13. Tutoring for kids
14. Childcare
15. Mentorship

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