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 Success Story! Our very own Jaanu Patel, former Miss Huntington Beach Teen USA 2017 has won Miss California Teen USA 2017

                                                         MISS ORANGE COUNTY REGIONAL
                                   MISS ORANGE COUNTY TEEN REGIONAL

                                                                          This is a chance of a lifetime!


Age Requirements:

Miss Division: Ages 18 to 27 but cannot be 28 by January 1, 2019
Teen Division: Ages 14 to 18 but cannot be 19 by January 1, 2019
Must be female, single, never married, never had a child, not a parent, good moral character
Must be a California Resident and legal U.S. Citizen

Judging Criteria:
Miss: Interview, Swimsuit, Gown
Teen: Interview, Sportswear, Gown

One of the biggest pageant in Orange County California is here. The top winners will advance to the state pageant leading to national and universal stage. 

Are you between the ages of 14 to 18 years old for TEEN and 18 to 27 years old for the MISS and dreamed of being on stage to be the next MISS ORANGE COUNTY and MISS ORANGE COUNTY TEEN REGIONAL? Go to, click contact us and fill out the form. Now is your chance! Call 714-619-1085 or email 

How to join:
* Fill out the form completely. This will expedite your application.
* Send us an email with your current photo and a little short bio.
* Schedule a phone interview which is a get-to-know-you interview. It will give us an idea on how to best help you.
* Lets schedule a meeting
* Let's start training!

Miss Orange County California REGIONAL
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