Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    



1. BUILD YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE - Learn excellent interview skills. Learn how it is to speak in front of a large crowd. Learn great social and interaction skills. 

2. LEARNING EXPERIENCE - You could find how it is to strive for something very important a performing community service or even learning things about yourself until you are put in the situation to one, talk about yourself and your strength or something special about you or being a part of a charity work where the most important thing is to focus on others at that time. 

3. DISCIPLINE - Being able to practice a skill or skills takes discipline.

4. BUILD FRIENDSHIPS - Regardless of what you hear about pageantry, the girls you will meet will become your friends and pageant family. Yes, you will probably meet one who is not quite polished when it comes to the proper etiquette of being with people but most of the girls will be supportive and encouraging. You become sisters!

5. IT OPENS DOORS - Being in our pageant will open a lot of opportunities such as modeling (We have girls who walked for fashion week, New York Fashion Week, because of Giselle Boone's runway skills, Disneyland Princesses (Countless), acting, entertainment, philanthropy, movies, volunteer workers, hosted events, did radio, sang in concert and performances, a part of make a wish, Special Olympics, had been doctors, lawyers, get in to colleges because of our interview training and much more. The biggest part is learning life skills you will take with you forever.

6. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT - You become aware of your surroundings and feel what  it is like to make a difference.

7. CHANGE YOUR LIFE - Pageantry can change you for the best!

8. NET WORKING - You will learn how it is to brand yourself. You will learn the skills to market yourself, your talent, knowledge and see how it is to meet key people that will help your career or future goals. You become a brand and you treat yourself that way as far as promoting yourself and what you can do. You have heard the expression "It is who you know"? Well, that is not entirely true but it helps!

9. POISE - You will become a very confident young woman who is feminine and with poise in every situation.

10. ETIQUETTE - With rules comes responsibilities of being proper in public or in private. You become aware of what you need to do and how to act in public. You will build a stronger send of self and character.

11. The Crown - Although you don't compete in pageant just to have a crown and sash or how it defines you. No! It is a plus to wear a sash and crown but the most important thing is wear your "MISS OC INVISIBLE CROWN" everyday. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you act, talk, walk, think and perform like wearing your invisible crow, Do your best everyday! Wear it to do something good for yourself and others.

12. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Our pageant can help  you set goals for yourself and try to achieve it with hard work. You learn to get that extra motivation to fight for something important in your life.

13. HOW TO HANDLE STRESS, PRESSURE AND DISAPPOINTMENT - How you handle stress and being under pressure or being disappointed can say a lot about you as a person. It can either make you look negative in the eyes of others by the way you handle it or it can inspire and motivate you to work even harder and accelerate you to the next positive level. These things are a part of life. It doesn't have to be negative. It should be a positive motivator. How you deal with people when either under pressure or when disappointed can say a lot about you. Your thoughts, behavior and attitude should always remain proper. It will help build your character. 

14. LEARN BEAUTY SECRETS - If you want to learn how to do your hair and makeup for a short period of time or learn some amazing beauty tips, this is the place fr you. 

15. WARDROBE STYLING - Learning the right clothes, style, fit, cut, occasion, trend and what will look amazing on you is beneficial to success. You are what you wear.

16. COMMUNICATION SKILLS- Learning great communication skills whether you are among group of friends, preparing for medical school interview, job interview or simply talking in public are all very important! You will build a better sense of what it is like to communicate effectively which starts with eyes contact, proper use of words, energy, excitement and more! Answering questions can be a lot of fun!

17. STAGE PERFORMANCE - When you are able to walk on stage and keep your head up and feel good about yourself, you have done a great job! it will take you further in life.

18. BUILD GREAT RELATIONSHIPS AMONG FAMILY AND OTHERS - When you become aware of who you are as a person, how you talk, how you react, how you conduct yourself, how you communicate with family, you become a better person and nice to be around with. When you think of helping, inspiring and motivating others, you can start within the walls of your own home. 

and more!

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