We are the proud winner of Miss California Teen USA 2017, Jaanu Patel, Miss Huntington Beach Teen USA 2017, coached by executive director, Giselle Boone.

We are the proud winner of MISS CALIFORNIA TEEN USA® 2012, Alexa Jones. Since then, our queens and ambassadors had placed in the Top 6, Top 10, Top 15 and Top 20 at Miss California USA® and Miss California Teen USA®.
Alexa Jones (Teen State Winner 2012)
Brittney Brown (Miss Top 6th 2014, Top 20 2015)
Allie Ibarra (Top 10 2013) 
Emily Delgado (Top 9th 2013)
Shelynne Hoyt (Top 9th 2014) 
Juliet Weaver (Top 10th 2015)
Maricris Lapaix - Top 20 at the 2017 Miss California USA
Katiana Borja - Top 20 at the 2017 Miss California Teen USA
Lauren Dorn - Top 20 at the 2016 and 2017 Miss California Teen USA
Mikayla Oresko - Top 20 at the 2016 Miss California Teen USA

We are the founder of KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME, Anti-bullying Campaign, Sandwich for Hope for the Homeless
Boxes of Hope for Military Heroes. Our goal is 
to help develop young women's abilities,   better  themselves, encourages self-awareness and build self-confidence. We also mentor young women to develop life-skills, gain knowledge,  develop sisterhood and provide an opportunity for our contestants to meet city officials, role models, entertainment industry experts  and more. 
Our inspiration for creating this pageant stemmed from a close friend of ours who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. We want to make a difference in women across the country and the world.

Executive Director, Giselle Boone
Founder of Anti-bullying Campaign, "Kindness Begins With Me."
Giselle Boone has over 16 years of experience in the pageant industry mentoring young women from around the country. She is an expert in runway walks, hair and makeup, skin care, pageant interview and more. She is pageant coach and pageant director that led to the win of Alexa Jones, Miss California Teen USA® 2012. 

Giselle is a fashion designer and pageant producer of 5 regional pageants as of 2015.  As a fashion designer, her work of art, "Eagle Dress" was showcased and made its debut at the Miss Internal 2012 worn by USA's Andrea Neu on December 17, 2013 in Tokyo Japan. The Eagle Dress later on was worn by Sierra Novack also of USA in Ecuador for the Miss Reina Banana on September 19, 2015. This made Giselle Boone an International Designer. Her first fashion show was on August 4, 2011 in Huntington Beach followed by a Los Angeles Fashion Show the following year.

Giselle created an organization for young women that will help develop their skills and mentor them in developing their passion towards community service. On October 5, 2013, Giselle Boone created the "Kindness begins With me," Anti-bullying campaign. Giselle Boone was a former Orange County and Los Angeles California Modeling Scout and modeling trainer. Her model walked the Summer of 2013, from Milan, Italy to model for Italy Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week 2014. Giselle Commercial and Pageant Coach, Life Skill Trainer, Cosmetic Designer and Make-over Expert. Giselle Boone is the President of the Miss Youth America, Junior America and Miss Youth International Pageant for the purpose of promoting Kindness Begins With Me.

Giselle Boone oversees all of the pageant business transactions and productions along with several training and contestants preparations. Aside from being a national and international pageant founder, Giselle Boone is also the Executive Director of several regional pageants as of 2015 namely the Miss Orange
County, Miss Orange County Teen, Miss Southern Coast, Miss Southern Coast Teen, Miss Anaheim, Miss Anaheim Teen, Miss Tustin, Miss Tustin Teen, Miss Napa Valley, Miss Napa Valley Teen (Co -produced with Tina Boggs), Miss Cameo Shores, Miss Cameo Shores Teen and have mentored other systems such as, Miss Asia Orange County and Miss Latina Orange County,  Miss Anaheim Full Figure, Ms. Anaheim CA.

Giselle Boone has been a progressive leader in the pageant environment, training and directing past state and national winners such as Alexa Jones, Miss California Teen USA 2012, Andrea Neu, Miss U.S. International 2013,  Miss Maryland Teen USA 2015 Taylor Dawson, and again Andrea Neu who won Miss Earth 2014 first runner up.  Her dedication to personal and career goals of pageant contestants was founded in her experience as a model, business owner, promoter, producer professional international dancer and trainer.  She continued to offer her talents and services to both models and pageant contestants while moving around the country with career promotions.  Giselle Boone is an excellent mentor and a role model to numerous titleholders and contestants since 2011. 

With education and profession pioneering in the fields of communication and behavioral organization, Miss Giselle Boone has established a program of success for individual and corporate business enforcement, career achievement and workplace organization. She is a speaker on the subjects of personal responsibilities, positive image, conflict resolution, career planning and community service. With Giselle Boone's versatility and knowledge, she believes her leadership can motivate and mentor success to our young contestants in California. 

Our Executive Director trained and produced her first State Titleholder, former Miss Orange County Teen  2012, Alexa Jones, 18, won State Pageant last January of 2012 in Indian Wells.  Recently, Giselle worked with the Girl Scout of America in Yorba Linda and taught them modeling techniques, Foot work, Body Movements, Isolation and etiquette. Giselle is currently coaching pageant contestants from all over the country. She traveled to Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Utah, Florida and Idaho as a pageant coach. She is an active Professional Trainer in Runway Trainer, Fashion Stylist and Commentator, Public Speaker, and have been training in other aspects of pageant skills such as Excellent Communication skills, Word Patterns, Winning Interview Skills and Stage Presence. This is in part  due to her advanced pageant skills  and her ability to teach the techniques with a caring attitude.  Our Organization have worked with the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation,  Orange County Breast Cancer Awareness Program, Anti bullying campaign in Orange County, Make a Wish Foundation and much more.

Lynne Douglas Hoyt wrote an article about Giselle Boone.
"My first encounter with Miss Giselle Boone was at the Miss California USA® 2012 in Palm Springs, the same year that her Teen won the title Miss California Teen USA® 2012 on her first year as a Pageant Director.  Giselle Boone had expressed to me that she recognized Shelynne Hoyt's potential to win.  I was impressed with her honesty.  At that time, Shelynne Hoyt had another Pageant Director and my thought was she should do just fine. But she didn't.  Shelynne Hoyt did not even make the tope 20 in 2012 and experienced  great disappointment.  But through Giselle Boone's incredible gift, her love, persistence and dedication in training Shelynne Hoyt, she built a relationship with Shelynne, which encouraged her to try again. This time, Shelynne Hoyt experienced so much personal growth and pageant knowledge. Giselle Boone is well known in the USA Pageant System and the pageant itself all over the country.  This helped immensely and this time, Shelynne Hoyt succeeded and not only was a Top 20 pick at 2014 Miss California USA®, but proceeded forward to be in the Top 10 at the 2014 Miss California USA®. Thank you Giselle Boone for being the best pageant coach and pageant director." 

Giselle Boone's Record 
2017 - Miss Caifornia Teen USA 2017, Jaanu Patel
2017 - Miss California USA 2017 Finalist Carly Diamond Stone
2014 - Top 10 Miss California USA 2014 with Brittney Brown and Top 10 Shelynne Hoyt
Top 10 at Miss California Teen USA 2014 with Emily Delgado
2013 - Top 20 Miss California USA 2013 with Allie Ibarra and Top 10 at Miss California Teen USA 2013, Alexis Allen
2012 - Won Miss California Teen USA 2012 with Alexa Jones, Miss Orange County Teen 2012

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